October 2017 Zimpeto Carpentry & Sewing Training Program Update

Carpentry Program:

The success of a project may be measured in part by well it runs in the absence of the teacher.

Bob Blanchette began the carpentry training program many years ago and wondered if the program would continue with the same success with him back in Canada one half of the time. Bob focused on training Emilio to lead – teaching him to care for the staff and train youth.

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Emilio has now taken on two new 2 new trainees and has completed many new projects with them, including, building and installing new windows in the Iris school, building a new sound box for the church and installing a new roof on the Zimpeto Bible School.

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The skills the boys are obtaining will hold them in good stead for their future.


Sewing Program:

It has been another great 6 months for the sewing project. Mana Lourdes continues in her role teaching the girls and there are always new girls waiting for places on the project. There are currently thirty plus girls from ages eleven and upwards, learning basic skills first and then going on to make beautiful garments and items.

All the girls love making clothing for themselves - skirts, pants and dresses, and the skills acquired can help them in the future to have an income. Some of the older girls that have been re-integrated still return for classes in order to further develop their skills. Some go on to earn income from selling some of the items. The quality of the sewing is excellent, and we are proud of all of their achievements.

Lourdes has been invited along with some of the girls to attend a few expositions this past year. These events have been held in the city and have been an opportunity for the girls to display some of their work and also promote who they are and what they do. A couple of these expositions have been visited by various governmental ministers and other dignitaries.

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We continue to trust that further windows of opportunity will open and the girls will learn to develop their creative skills even further.