October 2017 Zimpeto Child Reintegration Program Update

A big thank you for the continued financial support of the reintegration program. Without the program the centre would become an outdated dinosaur. Reintegration is the cog in the wheel that keeps children from stagnating in an institution. Our belief is that God created families and he hasn’t yet uncreated them; family is the best place for children to be loved and to grow. Hence we have a revolving door of children coming in being rehabilitated, supporting the family, and returning the children to their families.


In August we reintegrated young Fenias who came to us as an 18 month old toddler, physically challenged, with no medically history. His grandmother who has a prosthetic leg had been caring for him, but as a toddler she could no longer carry him. His mother has mental health issues and had disappeared some time ago. His father’s whereabouts were unknown to the grandmother. 


[Fenias going for a home visit.]

After some time Fenias’ father appeared with a different story. Apparently he had been working in South Africa when the grandmother brought Fenias to us without his permission. The father regularly paid the grandmother money to help care for Fenias, but she secretly brought the boy to us. Each time the father visited he was told that Fenias was at day care. Our reintegration team mediated in this situation and brought about a positive resolution. Fenias is now four and half years old and has learned many skills to make life easier for his caregiver. He has been making home visits and has been accepted by his stepmother and will be reintegrated to the house of his father by the end of August 2017.

reint fenias.jpeg

[Fenias and member of the reintegration team taking him for a family visit.]

reint car.jpeg

[The Reintegration Program vehicle that was donated to the centre from a very generous IMC donor.]