October 2018 Brenda Dueck Update

The last six months have brought new and exciting adventures; marriage, moving back to Cambodia, new people joining our Iris team, new friends at church, and finding an apartment. It’s also been really good being back in the familiar Railway Community and spending time with the precious children.

Colin and I got married on June 8th in Manitoba, Canada. It was a beautiful day with perfect weather for an outdoor wedding. Surrounded by friends, family, and trees, we committed our lives to each other. We experienced God’s presence in a very tangible way. We were able to go on a short honeymoon to a cabin by the lake. We then had one week left to pack and say goodbye to our dear family and friends. They have all been a big blessing in our lives (and were especially so during the last month leading up to the wedding).



The end of June found us back in Cambodia. Colin went back to work and I joined the Iris team again. The children in the Railway Community welcomed me back with smiles and hugs. They are such treasures! Kids club is fun with such a bunch of treasures. We get to teach them about Jesus, hygiene, crafts, games, and worship.


[Preparing crafts for kids club.]


[The kids quietly read books and chat amongst themselves while waiting for kids club to begin.]

I was happy to learn that the kids are still attending school regularly. Getting an education will give them greater opportunities for careers in the future. A highlight for the kids in this last season was going to the park. We all piled in three tuk tuks and drove to a park about 20 minutes away. I have never seen such excitement about going to the park. And the squeals when they saw the slides, settings and monkey bars were priceless.



We have started a soccer program with the youth boys in the community. This teaches them responsibility, teamwork and commitment. The Khmer staff is putting in lots of effort to support them and coach them in their soccer skills, but also with discipleship and other life skills. The boys are doing really well and are enjoying it a lot. They had their first match this week. I love seeing the glimmer of hope and excitement in their eyes.

We were able to rescue a newborn from getting trafficked. He is a preemie, but doing amazingly well. He is now staying with someone on our team. We are grateful to God for protecting his life. Since we don’t have a home for children, we are praying about what is the best plan for him.

It’s exciting to see all that God is doing in this beautiful country, and I love being part of it. I still find it hard seeing the needs and poverty around me every day.  We are believing for even greater breakthrough and more people to encounter the love and power of Jesus.