October 2018 Northern Mozambique Orphan-Village Projects Update

We probably should be changing the title of this project from "orphan-village." In the first place, only about half our resident children in Mieze and Noviane are true orphans. The rest have at least one living parent--usually a mother--but she is either unable or unwilling to care for her children. And many of the village children we are supporting through our sponsorship program have one or both parents alive with whom they are living.

Contemporary literature uses the term, "orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs)" and that catch-all phrase certainly describes the reality of all of our 145 supported children.

But there is a further and more important reason we should consider not using the word, "orphan." Our children have all accepted Jesus as their Saviour and Lord...and God is their heavenly Father. There are no orphans in the family of God!

So perhaps we should title this simply, "Children's Projects"...and make sure we keep our focus on the children themselves and not so much on the projects which are just a vehicle for showing them our love and care.


[Typical of the children we are supporting in whole or in part, two of these girls are complete orphans and two (who are sisters) have a mother and father at home. But all are equally poor and needy and are only able to attend secondary school because of the support they receive through our IMC programs.]