October 2018 Zimpeto Community Infant Food and Milk Supplement Program Update

Infant Milk Supplement Program:

We are overjoyed to introduce you to Julia!
Julia entered the Milk Program last year when she was 1 1/2 months old. Her mother was sick during pregnancy, and died of AIDS shortly after her birth. Julia came to us very small, underweight, and weak. Her grandmother had no means to buy formula to feed her.
Through the program, Julia and her grandmother received nutrient-rich baby formula, monitoring, instructions and medications, as well as love, encouragement and prayers.
Julia had her first birthday on August 24th, and has now graduated from the program! With some assistance Julia was able to recover from her difficult start, and become a beautiful, sweet (and camera shy) little girl!

Weslen Milk Prog Aug 2018.jpg
Although the death of Julia's mother brought much sadness, Julia has returned joy to her family!
Through your support, many babies like Julia are able to survive and become the bundles of life and joy that they were created to be!
Grandchildren are the crown of the aged, while the glory of children is their ancestors. Proverbs 17:6.

Food Supplement Program:

The food box program is carried out twice a month, with 56 regulars and many extras coming for help each month as well. Different needs bring a variety of people to us for help, including some of our reintegrated children and their families, and some elderly people from the community.  All of the pictures below are of our Iris young people helping to prepare food boxes for the community needs. Everyone finds a place to serve at Iris.... all part of being in a family!

Steve 1_0_0.jpg

milk 2_0.jpg

milk 3_0_0.jpg

milk 4_0.jpg

Thank you for your support which makes this possible.