October 2019 Jason Dueck Update

The focus of the past 6 months has been on discipleship and training. One of our (Lane and my) main callings is to raise up and disciple other missionaries.
Our time at the Harvest School in Fortaleza was especially full. My primary responsibility was teaching, and Lane’s was to lead a small group and oversee hospitality. Some of the other areas we were involved in were in leading worship and translating for the speakers. For many of the students this school was their first experience in missions. Many of the students have a desire to go into missions long-term, and the school serves both as a springboard to give them training, and to connect them to mission’s bases where they can potentially serve in the future. We are always blessed to see the hunger and thirst that the students have for Jesus, and this group was no different. We saw their hunger during times of prayer and worship as God touched their hearts and they cried out to Him. We will only see if the school was truly a success over time (a year or even two), if the students really do the things they said they were going to do. We are encouraged by their responses during the school and the desire we saw in them to love the Lord and His ways.


(Teaching at the Harvest School.]

After the Harvest School we moved straight into the pioneer school in South Africa. The school in South Africa is a ‘level 2’ school that consists of students who are already in missions or are planning on some kind of pioneer missions work in the near or immediate future. The school concentrates on equipping the students, giving them practical training for leadership in missions, and focusing on the heart of discipleship. The school was started 3 years ago by our good friends, Herb and Lorelei Batbutti. My roles included teaching, leading a small group, and discipleship. Lane’s focus was on discipleship and small group leadership. The small school size (21 students) allowed us to be very intentional and answer many of the specific questions that the students had. The smaller school size allowed us to build relationships with all of the students.


[Lane and Jason sharing with the Harvest School students.]

We also had the privileged opportunity of doing evangelism and practical outreach (rebuilding a roof) in some of the poorer areas of Johannesburg. The season in South Africa was a season of refreshing for us, with many wonderful moments with friends. We were so blessed to get to spend these few months with my own sister Jenn, our dear friends Herb and Lorelei, and others. Through this time our conviction and call to take the gospel to the unreached was renewed, along with a renewed appreciation for the importance of intentional discipleship. Even though mission’s schools are extremely busy, we found this last season very refreshing. Seeing the students stay up late into the nights seeking the Lord and worshipping Him alone - seeing their hunger, was a deep encouragement to us as well.


[Having fun with some children while in South Africa.]

Lane and I arrived back to Fortaleza a few weeks ago, and we are settling into the rhythm here at the base. We trust to be serving here for the next couple of years, with our focus on discipleship of the on base missionaries.  I have a desire to start up a short bible training school that would give students some basic tools for interpretation. Lane and I also have a heart for Asia, and are praying about taking a short-term trip there in this next season. We do feel that at some point we will be in Asia for a longer period of time, and wait on the Lord in His perfect timing.

Thank you to all of you who took the time to read this update and to all of you who support us in prayer and financially! God bless.