October 2019 Northern Mozambique Orphan-Home Projects Update

Our project is supporting 140 children in northern Mozambique. Many are orphans or abandoned children who live in our Mieze and Noviane Children's Centres, while others live in some kind of family grouping in the local villages. All these children are extremely poor and vulnerable.

Our financial support and care ensure that these children--and in many cases, their siblings and other family members also by extension--have secure basic housing and nutrition and that all children are attending school. Our children of record are all committed Christians and many of their extended family members have also become believers in gratitude for the love of their Heavenly Father.

Because Mozambique remains one of the world's poorest nations, education alone does not guarantee future employment. But lack of education does virtually guarantee a life of extreme poverty, suffering and abuse.

Of our 140 children, 61 are in primary school; 57 are in secondary school; 16 are in non-degree vocational programs; and 6 are in university. These are amazing statistics considering that none of the previous generations of family members of these children finished primary school and few even ever attended.

Moreover, one of the difficult social challenges Mozambique faces is encouraging girls to remain in school. This runs counter to village culture where girls are expected to begin families at 15 or 16 and to work hard until they die at an early age (statistically about 45!).

In our project, however, of the 79 children in secondary, post-secondary and vocational programs, 50 are girls! These programs are expensive; but these young people are the hope of their nation for the future. And these girls in particular are helping write a new chapter in the history of Mozambique as an emerging African democracy.


[Telma has lived in our Noviane Centre for more than 10 years. She graduated from Grade 12 last year and is now in a medical degree program to become either a nurse (after 4 years) or a medical doctor (after 6+).]

donna 2_0.jpg

[Mariamo lived in our Mieze Centre for 8 years and is now living in the Noviane Centre where she is pursuing a medical technician's program in Pemba.]


[Ferão and Nando grew up in our Mieze Centre and then lived in the Noviane Centre during their 5 years of secondary school. They are shown with their secondary school graduation diplomas. Both passed the difficult entrance exam for admission to the pedagogical university in Nampula where they are now studying to become secondary school teachers of English.]