October 2019 Zimpeto Bible School Update

Through hardship, floods, cyclones, persecution, and all manner of pressures, we are seeing Mozambique coming into fullness of life in Jesus. With Jesus, the church is able to endure and overcome. At the end of the last school term we went on outreach to some of the most flood and cyclone ravaged areas, providing support and preaching the gospel.

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[Two of our students on the outreach to Inhambane.]

We thank God for the lives of many young men and women that the Lord brings to our bible school.

We also thank God for the many visitors who come from different parts of the world to teach the students what the Lord lays on their hearts for them.
Last term had visitors from Holland who came to share about the Father Heart of God. It was a great opportunity for our teachers as they exchanged experiences. Since we also teach a course on the Father heart of God, our students had the opportunity to hear the same things from different people of another culture who brought a unique perspective.

Special thanks to our own Father Heart of God teacher, Francisco Moiane, who for all these years carried and shared with the students, the love of the Father, forgiveness, doing away with ungodly beliefs, and the breaking of soul ties.

As the students receive the touch of the Father’s heart here (and particularly the message that Mozambique needs mothers and fathers), they take the message and the impact of the word of God back to their communities and villages. Men must that take their responsibility to protect and to provide for their families very seriously, and become role models for future generations. Likewise, mothers are an integral part of the change process, and so shape future generations, drawing them to God.

Many of our students come from many different backgrounds where this is not the real life scenario. A woman is taught to be submissive and be very quiet, bear children, and manage household chores and errands. Man is the head of the family and is to be served and respected. A woman cannot raise her voice or make an opinion in front of her husband. Husbands can leave their wives alone with the children for long periods of time; as long he sends money home, everything is considered okay.

We continually see the transformation and the light of a new dawning in the lives of our students, as some of these and other ungodly beliefs are dealt with in the classroom.
It is exciting to see them desiring to go back to their hometowns and villages and share what they have received here. Indeed a holy fire is being spread all across the nation!

We are constantly receiving requests and applications from pastors all across Mozambique who desire to send their church members to our school.
Although we had initially aimed at drawing students from the three southern provinces of Maputo, Gaza and Inhambane, we are receiving students that come from as far as Nampula (in northern Mozambique). We are amazed at the distance students are willing to come, as they must pay their own transportation fees. Some of our students have already received university degrees in other areas, but are led by God to come and study here as well. It’s amazing!

We are excited that next term we will be graduating a set of fourth year students. These students will wear gowns at graduation. We are also going to have the teachers wear gowns. We are very delighted about this upcoming celebration and look forward to what God has in store. Surprise us and send us out Abba Father!

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[Former 4th year graduating students.]