October 2019 Zimpeto Carpentry & Sewing Training Program Update

It is now over a year since Betty Blanchette passed away at the Base. The team put together tributes, videos and messages to send Bob and his family on the anniversary of Betty's transition to Heaven.

A worthwhile legacy in ministry is to know that the owrk carries on once we leave.

In the case of Bob and Betty’s ministries in the sewing and carpentry areas, a great legacy remains.

Lourdes oversees the sewing program now, and Emilio oversees the carpentry program. Both groups are training youth and providing an environment for our youth to obtain a skill at a high level. The heart of the program is to empower our youth with skills to provide for themselves in the future.

The quality of sewing products and the recent work on the church benches is a testimony to the professionalism in both programs.

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