October 2019 Zimpeto Community Infant Milk and Food Supplement Program Update

Infant Milk Supplement Program:

A Letter of HeartFelt Thanks to the Community Baby Milk Program....

Baby-H was brought to us on May 31, 2018 by his Grandmother when he was just 20 days old. His Mother is mentally ill and has been refusing treatment since 2013. She refused to breast-feed H, and was unable to care for him or her 2 other children. The father had abandoned them.The Grandmother took Baby-H, his mentally-ill mother, and his 2 other siblings into her home and cares for all of them. She is unemployed and widowed and could not afford to buy formula, and the  hospital provided only 2 weeks’ worth of formula.

Although slightly underweight, Baby-H was a happy healthy baby, and apparently was well cared for by his grandmother. They came to see us every 2 weeks for weight, assessment, teaching, and formula.

After 6 months Baby-H stopped gaining weight. We determined that he didn’t like eating regular food (which is introduced at 6 months). Our nurses continually instructed and encouraged the grandmother in how to prepare and entice him with different foods. He slowly started eating regular food and resumed gaining weight. By the time Baby-H was 12 months old and graduating from the program, his progress followed a healthy curve on the weight and development charts.

Baby-H Pix 8-19_0.jpg

We recently received a hand-written letter from Grandmother which is translated below. Need we say more?


First of all, cheers and bless you all! I hereby thank everyone who directly and indirectly made my request be accepted [to the supplement program].

I don't know what would now be if it weren't for your help. The boy [Baby-H] needed help with food aid, and you gave me a hand, providing the milk the boy needed for his development as a new born.

Now the boy can eat with us what we eat at home.

I sincerely thank you, and I ask you to continue to be able to receive and help the people who seek your help.

All in all my thanks come from the bottom of my heart. I will keep what I learned from your kindness forever.

May God bless you and shine on you always.

From your grateful grandmother “A”
Maputo [Zimpeto]  June 30, 2019

Food Supplement Program:

We continue to support 63 families in need and are deeply grateful for IMC's support. This program makes an incredible difference in sustaining the lives of many people.  We are sending out a team to visit people/families that we hear are in need of help and trust to be able to increase our care for more families in the upcoming year.

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