October 2019 Zimpeto Widows' Home Update

Our greatest joy is to care for those who do not have arms of love around them.

Vovo (Portuguese for grandmother) Helena is part of our Hulene (garbage dump) community in Maptuo, Mozambique. She was baptized by Heidi Baker in 2002 and was a regular attendee at our church in the dump for many years. Her family had been looking after her during that time, but a year ago we learned that the family had disappeared and that her neighbour was now doing all that she could to look after her.

Thanks to your generosity to IMC we have rebuilt Vovo Helena's house, and are supporting her with needed food and supplies. We are also able to give her neighbour a little help, as she generously helps to oversee Vovo Helena on a daily basis.

vovo 1_0.jpg 

[This is where Vovo Helena was living when we rediscovered her.]   

vovo 3_0.jpg

[Vovo Helena's new home in the Hulene community.]

It is pure joy to see how happy Vovo Helena is! 

vovo 2_0.jpg 

[Iris Pastor Sergio cares for the Hulene (garbage dump) community. He oversaw the construction of Vovo Helena's new home.]    

vovo 4_0.jpg   

[Steve Lazar (Director of the Zimpeto Base) visiting with Vovo Helena.]