IMC Project Updates

October 2019 Southern Malawi Ministry Centre Update

In March of this year Malawi’s President declared a state of emergency, after a powerful tropical storm settled over the region unleashing torrential rains that caused substantial flooding. This resulted in 56 deaths, 577 injured, and 83,000 people displaced by flash floods, swollen rivers, or collapsing infrastructures. The storm system then moved east out to sea where it gained strength, forming into Tropical Cyclone Idai that headed back to shore making landfall near Beira, Mozambique causing further devastation.

October 2019 Children's Feeding Program in Northern Mozambique Update

In late-April, a powerful cyclone slammed into the Mozambican coastal city of Pemba where we have been ministering for the past 14 years. This was a completely unexpected event as no cyclone had ever struck Pemba previously.

Cyclone Kenneth dumped an incredible six feet of rain on the area in as many days. Most poor village houses are built at ground level and with no foundation. Depending on location, many houses were damaged or destroyed and all household contents swept away as floodwaters several feet deep flowed through unimpeded.

October 2019 Zimpeto Carpentry & Sewing Training Program Update

It is now over a year since Betty Blanchette passed away at the Base. The team put together tributes, videos and messages to send Bob and his family on the anniversary of Betty's transition to Heaven.

A worthwhile legacy in ministry is to know that the owrk carries on once we leave.

In the case of Bob and Betty’s ministries in the sewing and carpentry areas, a great legacy remains.

April 2019 Southern Malawi Ministry Centre Update

October was an intense month with lots of challenges. We had some major challenges at one of the 13 different secondary schools our children attend. We had to make significant changes in the arrangement of our girls’ houses, but all was eventually resolved. David, together with other leaders, were forced to do some quick work in hiring new teachers for the Iris Africa Primary School. We had found some excellent teachers at the beginning of the year, but two of those new teachers bailed early in the year. Interviewing is time consuming and quite difficult.

April 2019 Zimpeto Bible School Update

 “Pastor, when I came here to the bible school I had been living with my partner since 2007, thinking everything was fine. But I was challenged by the word of God and now that I'm back for the second level I have decided to get officially married. I would like to invite the staff of the bible school to attend my wedding". These are the words of Philip, a second level student who is currently getting ready to get married at the end of this month.