IMC Project Updates

April 2014 Southern Malawi Ministry Centre Update

Along with the new 2014 year came the beginning of many activities at Iris Malawi. The Bible school hosted a month long program only for women, followed by a fourth year pastor student class who returned to finish their leadership training. Iris secondary school youth headed back to their respective boarding schools in Blantyre and the children on base continued their year of learning at the Iris Primary School. The production fields on base were planted and then with the sufficient rains, yielded a healthy harvest of cow peas.

April 2014 Northern Mozambique Orphan-Village Projects Update

1.    In response to protracted rains and severe flooding in March, many caring friends of Iris have been contributing to our effort to assist poor villagers who’ve lost their homes and belongings. Through our churches in Pemba and Mieze, efforts are underway to repair or replace lost dwellings and to comfort and provide for those who have suffered most.  Many, many whole families have come to the Lord as their hearts have been touched by the compassion of Jesus demonstrated through his people, both here and abroad!

April 2014 Children's Feeding Program In Northern Mozambique Update

Our October 2013 Update provided the most current information about the various ways in which, through your gifts to IMC, you are helping defeat poverty and suffering among poor children and families in our care in Northern Mozambique. Additionally, however, in conjunction with Joyce Meyer Ministries, IMC is additionally funding two large and important food programs for needy village children near the Iris Pemba Base.

April 2014 Zimpeto Widows' Home Project Update

L46_0.JPGVovo Salima was delighted to join us at the Centre this year for Christmas lunch. She loved the singing and dancing and enjoyed the meal so much she did not want to go home. Just as she was leaving, one of our young boys (about 11 years old) appeared and said he wanted to give her some money. He has a gardening job and had just received his weekly amount. Although he did not know Vovo, when he saw her at the meal the Lord touched his heart and he wanted to bless her.