IMC Project Updates

September 2011 Southern Malawi Ministry Centre Update

"Everything is overshadowed by the death of one of our missionaries here at Iris. One of our missionaries, Daryl Martin, got too close to some elephants and paid with his life. Still, something amazing happened in the midst of elephants charging, autopsy, wake, service of memory, and burial. All 75 of our Iris children who live on site in 5 homes have lost both parents. They have suffered loss compounded by rejection and abandonment. The children suffered another loss, and yet this time they are older and able to process. There was great wailing and crying.

August 2011 Child Reintegration Program Update

"2011 has seen some significant changes in the reintegration team. We lost one of our team members when she left work, requiring us to find and train a new worker. Our driver of over five years has also recently moved on, and we have yet to appoint a new driver.

"The team works very well in uncovering the truth of the situations the children come from. Often times this requires that they make surprise visits to the house or that they interview neighbours or pastors of the church.

February 2011 Community Infant Milk and Food Supplement Program Update

“While we all agree that breast milk is the best option for babies, there are numerous situations where mothers are unable to feed their own babies. These are the ones that the formula milk replacement program targets. The aim of the program is (wherever possible) for the babies to remain with their mother or another family member. In cases where the mother has died, the family often needs the support because they cannot afford the cost of formula. In cases of sickness, malnutrition or simply insufficient milk, our team assesses mothers for their eligibility to receive milk powder.

February 2011 Zimpeto Bible School Update

“It continues to be a great honour and privilege to minister to and help equip the many pastors who come to the Zimpeto Bible School. The hunger to pursue hard after God is the passion which we desire to stir up in each and every student, as well as within ourselves. The picture below, of one of our pastors lost in the glory of God at a recent graduation celebration, says so much more than words could ever do.

January 2011 Southern Malawi Ministry Centre Update

"I would say that we are in a season of shifting gears, or perhaps more specifically ‘the teenage years.’  Funnily enough, God has given us a prophetic picture in our own Iris children, who are blossoming all around us into young men and women. They need a lot of tending and encouragement. They need continual prayer, for purity, and for a hunger for the things of God. They need stimulation. At times, they need to be pushed to do something that is hard. They need forgiveness, both given and received. They need dialogue, and, most of all, they need love.