IMC Project Updates

December 2008 Community Infant Milk and Food Supplement Program Update

All children and mothers are evaluated and prioritized prior to beginning the  milk program. Children with mothers who are HIV positive who can't breastfeed, babies who are born with HIV and their mothers are unable to breastfeed them, and babies who are suffering from malnutrition are the priorities.

This past year, with great sadness we lost 4 babies to malnutrition, some of whom were victims of the HIV virus. We continue to fight against the difficulties of poverty and HIV that this nation confronts.

Zimpeto Child Reintegration Program - Maputo, Mozambique

Children come to Iris from very diverse situations. Many come because of the lack of adequate supervision in their own family situations. Children are often found by the Police running around the streets and neighbours houses, or are sick and have very poor health, many suffering from malnutrition. Many families are affected by poverty and the inability to support their own children.

May 2008 Zimpeto Bible School Update

"Now that all of the construction has been completed in the Bible school, we have turned our attention to some much needed maintenance/renovation issues in the student dorm. Since this dorm was the first to be built here at the Zimpeto Centre, we have wanted to paint the white walls! We hired some of our former students who have experience in this area to come and paint between terms.

April 2008 South Africa Base for PIH/Iris Africa Churches

The very first 'complete' graduation from the Harvest Bible College took place at the conclusion of the September 2007 Youth Conference. The presence of the Holy Spirit was so ‘heavy’ that as the college’s founder and principal rose to speak, he had to grab on to a tent pole so as not to fall to the ground! The four graduating pastors present were also powerfully overwhelmed by the Lord’s manifest presence as we prayed over them before the hundred’s of assembled youth and adults.

Zimpeto Community Infant Milk and Food Supplement Program - Maputo, Mozambique

All Iris babies naturally receive all that is needed in order for them to thrive. In an effort to keep as many infants with their mothers as possible, Iris Ministries has constructed a program that provides food and milk for mothers and their babies in the surrounding community. This is one very practical way of keeping these families together. At present Iris is providing for 61 mothers and their babies. Each mother and child visits the centre twice a month.

September 2007 South African Base for PIH/Iris Africa Churches

"The two-week intensive Bible school sessions are now held every month. Although we have a mini graduation at the end of each two-week session, we are greatly anticipating ‘fully' graduating some members of the first Bible school session that was held four years ago! We are planning to do that during the annual Youth Conference, to be held the last weekend of September. Over the last four years, these pastors will have completed forty courses, totalling nearly 500 hours of instruction. You can imagine their anticipation of this event!

October 2006 South African Base for PIH/Iris Africa Churches

The Redworths moved to South Africa to direct the base in April 2006.

"Since our return we have held four intensive bible schools for returning and new students. All the students are already pastors or senior workers in their Partners in Harvest Churches. Most are men, but there are women at every session as well. Most of the students come from various parts of the large Mpumalanga province, but there are also a few from the Limpopo and Gauteng provinces.

August 2005 South African Base for PIH/Iris Africa Churches

“During the fourth South African Iris Bible school, held for four weeks in June 2005, we found that senior pastors of non-Iris churches continue to be attracted to our school. Even though they have to sleep on thin mattresses on a concrete floor, they come because they have seen the anointing of the Holy Spirit in the ministry of some of our initial students. One returning Baptist pastor actually planted two new churches following his first session with us.