IMC Project Updates

August 2004 South African Base for PIH/Iris Africa Churches Update

In April/May 2004, John Redworth returned to White River to help teach the second session of the school, alongside local Iris leadership. Seven more courses were taught, including one by a local believer. They were held in the new college facility, purchased only a week prior to the start of this session! Two very small buildings served as dormitories, and the teaching took place in the garage. John writes, "We were very encouraged by those who returned, to hear both of strengthened churches and new churches that have been planted.”

September 2007 Zimpeto Bible School Update

"Over the past months we have finished the addition of offices for the Bible school. This is providing much needed space for the translators and the directors, in addition to having everyone together in the same space now. This has greatly benefited the work environment! No longer do we need to run all over the centre looking for a translator or have a teacher confused about where his class has been moved to. Oh, the blessings of progress!

February 2007 Zimpeto Bible School Update

“We are FINALLY in our very own classrooms of our new Bible school. What an amazing blessing this is! Having finalized the purchase of the desks, blackboards, etc., we began the 2007 school session in our new facilities. After operating out of children's dormitories and other locations for the last eight years, we now have a place to call home. All have settled in very nicely!

[John & Sandra Ewert teaching at the Bible school]

October 2006 Zimpeto Bible School Update

[Pastors in front of the "under construction" Zimpeto Bible School - October 2006]

"Our last update left off with us hoping to start construction of an actual Bible school, as classes have had to be held in the children's dormitories. We are grateful that construction has begun, with cement block walls already in place. While completion is a ways off, it is exciting to look forward to having a space of our own!

March 2006 Zimpeto Bible School Update

“It continues to be our vision to impart God's love and have the pastors in turn pour into the many abandoned and orphaned children in this country. To help facilitate this and to also minister to the many children at the centre we have expanded the role of the Bible school students to have them ministering to the children at the centre. For the first time, we have all the boys dorms participating in discipleship groups with the pastors, from the 6 year olds to late teens. Teaching on the Father's Heart continues to one of our favorite courses to teach.

August 2005 Zimpeto Bible School

“The Bible school in Zimpeto continues to teach and equip the many pastors and leaders from the middle of Mozambique to the southernmost parts. In addition to training and equipping, it is our desire to impart more of God's love so that these leaders experience personal healing and wholeness. We have developed a course to try to facilitate this very thing. We want them to grasp how to give away that love, particularly to the many orphaned children of Mozambique. To that end, we have some of them discipling small groups of children who live at the center.

August 2004 Zimpeto Bible School Update

“As revival moves through the land, it is our deep passion as we teach to see solid Biblical roots established and grow deep so that the fruit of revival will not only last but also multiply. Though many of the pastors arrive with little or no previous teaching, they have experienced first hand the miracle-working power of God healing the sick and even raising the dead. With God's love, we are able to teach and pour into these leaders lives the transforming power of the Holy Spirit, so that they can better reach the thousands of new believers, in ways we could not.”

September 2007 Children's Feeding Program Update

Earlier this year, the food program was expanded to include orphans and vulnerable children in the village of Mieze. By actual count, IMC is currently feeding 158 village children through the Mieze church and 22 babies are currently receiving formula. This initiative began in January when Mieze Pastor Juma showed IMC missionary Don Kantel twin baby orphan girls who were almost dead from malnutrition and asked if we could help. Attached is a picture of one of those babies taken this month.