IMC Project Updates

August 2004 Zimpeto Bible School Update

“As revival moves through the land, it is our deep passion as we teach to see solid Biblical roots established and grow deep so that the fruit of revival will not only last but also multiply. Though many of the pastors arrive with little or no previous teaching, they have experienced first hand the miracle-working power of God healing the sick and even raising the dead. With God's love, we are able to teach and pour into these leaders lives the transforming power of the Holy Spirit, so that they can better reach the thousands of new believers, in ways we could not.”

September 2007 Children's Feeding Program Update

Earlier this year, the food program was expanded to include orphans and vulnerable children in the village of Mieze. By actual count, IMC is currently feeding 158 village children through the Mieze church and 22 babies are currently receiving formula. This initiative began in January when Mieze Pastor Juma showed IMC missionary Don Kantel twin baby orphan girls who were almost dead from malnutrition and asked if we could help. Attached is a picture of one of those babies taken this month.

October 2006 Southern Malawi Ministry Centre Update

"Our Iris base continues to expand. When you drive into Bangula at night, ours are the first lights you see. With two children’s homes and two pastors dormitories, plus two missionary homes, there is a veritable suburb developing!! As the finishing touches go on our long term missionary home, the walls are going up on two new children’s homes. With the first two full, it is exciting to think that we will be able to give a home and a family to 24 more orphans. As we grow in numbers of children, we become increasingly aware of the need for a school.

March 2006 Southern Malawi Ministry Centre Update

“Two third-year classes of pastors from the Bible school have now been graduated, and we have taken from those classes ten new teachers. Of our 365 churches in Malawi, 180 pastors have finished at least their first year of Bible school, and 60 have completed the three year training. There is a great hunger for teaching, and we look forward to the day when all of our pastors will have received the benefit of thorough teaching on the basics of Christianity and Kingdom.

September 2005 Southern Malawi Ministry Centre Update

“Life in Bangula makes the line between life and ministry much less obvious, if there should be a line at all. Life is full of opportunities for blessing those around us, whether by welcoming people into our home, or by preaching a message about the incredible gift we have in Jesus, or by listening to an old lady tell us about her struggles to find grass to repair her roof before the rains come. Ministry comes in all shapes in Malawi, among the poorest of the poor.

February 2005 Southern Malawi Ministry Centre Update

Much has changed in the year and a half that the Morrisons have been in Malawi. “It has been so exciting to see things expand. Two dorms to house the pastors, a second classroom and a washroom have been built. We are beginning to dig a second well, and just recently received electrical power on the site. Plans are in place to begin an orphan home, and to build a guest house for visitors.

August 2004 Southern Malawi Ministry Centre Update

“The Bible school is such a blessing. The school has now graduated three groups of fifty pastors each from the first year program. It is wonderful to watch the pastors learn and grow in their three month time at the Bible school. Following up with the Iris pastors and their families means long drives on bumpy roads which don't often see vehicles. This is a large piece of what we do.