IMC Project Updates

April 2019 Children's Feeding Program in Northern Mozambique Update

We have been feeding children (and families) in northern Mozambique for more than 12 years through our IMC feeding program. Over that time, we have fed thousands of children tens of thousands of meals! And only God himself knows how many of these young and vulnerable children's lives have been saved as a result!

But we do know about two in particular for sure.

April 2019 Northern Mozambique Orphan-Village Projects Update

When we began our ministry among the poor in northern Mozambique in 2005, we could never in our most optimistic dreams have foreseen the report we are presenting here today. To God be all the praise and glory!!

In Mozambique, secondary school covers Grades 8-12. This year, we have:

14 girls and 4 boys in Grade 8;

18 girls and 2 boys in Grade 9;

6 girls and 3 boys in Grade 10;

2 girls and 3 boys in Grade 11;

and 4 girls and 1 boy in Grade 12.

October 2018 Southern Malawi Ministry Centre Update

In August we welcomed church members from all over Malawi to our Bangula Conference. It was wonderful to see mature church leadership taking responsibility for the conference. For this reason it was the easiest conference yet for our senior Malawian leaders Timothy, Ali, and Bauleni to manage. People contributed food and finances, and were responsible for their own transport to and from the conference. We appreciated the wonderful contribution of other Iris leaders from Zimbabwe and Mozambique.  

October 2018 Children's Feeding Program in Northern Mozambique Update

A mission’s team from our home church in Summerside, Prince Edward Island visited Iris Pemba early in June and spent most of its time ministering in our two children's centres at Mieze and Noviane and among village children supported through our programs. One of the special activities we had planned well in advance was a chicken meal to be served to the many hundreds of village children who regularly attend our Saturday morning discipleship program in Mieze.

October 2018 Northern Mozambique Orphan-Village Projects Update

We probably should be changing the title of this project from "orphan-village." In the first place, only about half our resident children in Mieze and Noviane are true orphans. The rest have at least one living parent--usually a mother--but she is either unable or unwilling to care for her children. And many of the village children we are supporting through our sponsorship program have one or both parents alive with whom they are living.

October 2018 Zimpeto Carpentry & Sewing Training Program Update

Bob and Betty Blanchette have served the Lord in Zimpeto since 2007. Bob established the carpentry workshop and Betty the sewing program. Bob and Betty were both full time for a number of years until they decided to spend more time with their family. Over the last years they were at Zimpeto 3 to 6 months per year. Their main focus was training and loving youth, many who grew to love them like a Mom and Dad.

October 2018 Zimpeto Child Reintegration Program Update

A  Reintegration Story:

Moisais Ngungane came to the Zimpeto centre in 2000 because he was an orphan and no one in his family could care for him. He lived in the centre until 2004, when he was chosen to go and live in a new project that a missionary had set up in a suburb called Machava. This was a house for older youth with a vision to prepare them for life in the community.