IMC Project Updates

October 2017 Northern Mozambique Orphan-Village Projects Update

We have 80 resident children in our Mieze and Noviane Centres. That's a statistic; but to us they are 80 precious lives...each with his or her individual story.

Sorte Saide is a 16-year-old boy who has lived in our Noviane Centre for over four years. Before that, he lived with a nearby aunt and her alcoholic husband. The husband didn't want to spend any money on Sorte, so he was abused and had no food or clothes. We were already helping Sorte financially; and when we were finally asked to take him into our centre, we did so readily.

April 2017 Southern Malawi Ministry Centre Update

Every children’s home at Iris Malawi plants a field. They prepare the soil, plant the seeds and tend the crops, and then they harvest and eat the produce. This year’s crop was disappointing. While we did receive rain, it was inconsistent and there were long dry spells in-between. There was also a pest which ate the maize leaves, leaving the cobs vulnerable. Still, there was a harvest.

[Iris children and parents planting seed in their garden.]

April 2017 Children's Feeding Program in Northern Mozambique Update

As we regularly report, our major on-going food programs in northern Mozambique include regular food distribution to over 150 poor families (including about a thousand children); powdered milk distribution to over 60 mothers and babies; complete food and care for over 80 resident children in Mieze and Noviane; support for another 55 village children through the sponsorship program; and weekly feeding of 600 village children following the Saturday discipleship program. All of this is funded through your gifts to Iris Ministries Canada.