IMC Project Updates

September 2015 Southern Malawi Ministry Centre Update

Once again, we wonder at the quiet the day after 24 secondary school students depart for school. Getting them ready was a full-time job for Louise Loten, fellow missionary, for whom we are very grateful. Supplies have been bought. Sponsors have been written. The students have completed their volunteer work assignments - which is their ticket to secondary. We can see many of our students making wise choices and developing strong character. It is a joy to see them rise up.

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September 2015 Zimpeto Community Infant Milk and Food Supplement Program Update

Infant Milk Supplement Story:

Six month old twins Olga and Delfina joined the Milk Program at one month of age, each weighing only 1.85 kg; a weight which is well below the -3Z score according to the WHO, (World Health Organization).

Now, pictured with their mum after collecting their milk, they have moved to a much healthier weight  range.


September 2015 Zimpeto Child Reintegration Program Update

The Team
After a total revamp in reintegration the complete new team is taking over the area with positive success.
In an attempt to pass responsibility over the national the leader of the team Juliana is learning new writing and computer skills. It is a slow process however she is keen to learn and dedicated. She has good decision making skills concerning the needs of children both entering the centre and being reunited with their families.

September 2015 Northern Mozambique Orphan-Village Projects Update

June 1 is observed as Children’s Day in Mozambique. It’s a special day of celebration throughout the country and especially for us at Iris Ministries. The provincial government kicked off this year’s celebration early with a regional rally at our church building in Mieze. The official slogan and message to youth this year emphasized the importance of marriage as a formal commitment…but also emphasized the importance of waiting until at least 18 years of age to help counter the high prevalence of early teen pregnancies.

September 2015 Children's Feeding Program in Northern Mozambique Update

In our April, 2014 report we wrote about the two children’s food programs being sponsored by Joyce Meyer Ministries through Iris Ministries Canada. One provides a nutritious daily snack to over 4,000 children in the Iris school on the Pemba Base. The other provides a hot meal of beans and rice to children attending the daily village discipleship program.

March 2015 Zimpeto Widows' Home Update

Vovo Rosalina is keeping well. Though she has Virginia taking care of her during the week, she is very independent and still likes to do her own cleaning and washing (though Virginia then goes in and cleans again afterwards to do it properly!) Vovo Rosalina has a mango tree, and often invites the children from the Zimpeto Centre to come and pick the fruit; she she loves to have them visit.


[Two of the boys visiting Vovo Rosalina.]

March 2015 Zimpeto Community Infant Milk and Food Supplement Program Update

Infant Milk Supplement Story: From Trash to Treasure

Meet 'Bemvinda Graca', translated as 'Welcome Grace', who was found abandoned by her Mama in a rubbish dump. Her Uncle followed the sounds of what he thought was a hungry kitten in the trash, and instead found his precious niece. Today Graca is lovingly cared for by the uncle and his wife, and Iris is pleased to provide them with powdered milk formula. As the photo shows, this little one is a treasure!


March 2015 Zimpeto Child Reintegration Program Update

We have made some major changes in the team late last year. We have restructured the group so that our team has more education, can take on more responsibility, and rely less on the missionaries.

Some of the changes are mandatory from Social Welfare, and other changes have been made to meet internal needs.

We have changed the format of our files and now have both an electronic and a paper copy of each child.

Last year we reintegrated approximately 32 children and built a number of houses for families to enable the children to be reintegrated.