IMC Project Updates

April 2014 Zimpeto Widows' Home Project Update

L46_0.JPGVovo Salima was delighted to join us at the Centre this year for Christmas lunch. She loved the singing and dancing and enjoyed the meal so much she did not want to go home. Just as she was leaving, one of our young boys (about 11 years old) appeared and said he wanted to give her some money. He has a gardening job and had just received his weekly amount. Although he did not know Vovo, when he saw her at the meal the Lord touched his heart and he wanted to bless her.

October 2013 Zimpeto Child Reintegration Program Update

The vision of our program is to maintain contact with existing family members of our children, with a view to one day enabling the family to receive the children back into their family. Some children don’t have family to reintegrate them, so we have to be resourceful in finding alternative solutions. In 2013 we have reintegrated a number of youth and children into different situations.

October 2013 Zimpeto Bible School Update

In this update we want to share with you a little bit of the great impact in the lives of the men and women who are able to come to the Zimpeto Bible School. Your financial support has both impacted and truly transformed the lives of many over the years.

This testimony is about the most recent term and the student’s active participation in daily activities at college and how it created an impact in their own lives and in the life of the people around them.

May 2013 Community Infant Milk and Food Supplement Program Update

The program continues much the same as in our previous updates. We thought the best encouragement would be to share just one of many recent stories of lives being transformed. 

Baby Flórida was born June 1, 2012. At 8 months of age, after her mother died, an Aunt brought this little one to our milk program. When we first met and weighed Florida she was 8.1 lbs. and was completely malnourished. Now, only two months later, she is weighing in at 10.4 lbs.. Because of our help, this child will survive. This gives us such great hope.  Thank you from Mozambique to Canada!

April 2013 Child Reintegration Project Update

Since our last update in 2012, 26 children have gone back to live with family. This is miraculous. God created family, and so what a privilege it is to reunite children with mothers, fathers, grandparents, brothers and sisters.

Iris Canada is instrumental in this process, providing transport, building houses, providing food and shelter; giving these children a future and a hope.

One of the stories is of Manito and Nelinho.

These two young men have been at the centre since they were very young (four years old).