IMC Project Updates

September 2012 Southern Malawi Ministry Centre Update

As I write, 10 girls are busy building houses in our back yard. I am in awe of their creativity and their communication. When survival is in question, there is no time for such pursuits. What joy to hear them create stories and relate to one another! Of course the boys are on hand to attack and destroy, but even that is part of the story. With 66 children life is never dull. Our three youngest have just past the one year mark, and provide endless opportunities to learn about love. I simply love watching our oldest children caring for the littlest ones.

September 2012 Children's Feeding Program in Northern Mozambique Update

Previous reports have focused on the numbers of children being fed through IMC’s various feeding programs for orphans and vulnerable children in Mozambique’s remote north: 4,000 poor village children are fed a hot chicken meal on Christmas Day and on Children’s Day (June 1); 400 needy Mieze village kids receive a plate of beans and rice every Saturday following the children’s evangelistic program; 50 resident Mieze children and 25 resident Noviane children receive three meals every day; and many, many poor village children receive food on various other occasions throughout the year.

September 2012 Northern Mozambique Orphan-Village Projects Update

MIEZE: A half-day visit to the Mieze Project and Children’s Centre is a highlight of most Iris visitors’ time in Pemba. Both the resident kids and local village kids are eager to welcome and interact with visitors. And their visit is particularly meaningful if the visitors have had a prior orientation from Don to hear some of the stories of God’s special work at Mieze over the past five years.

March 2012 Zimpeto Bible School Update

At the beginning of the bible school year when it was time for the pastors to go to the churches throughout southern Mozambique to bring in recruits for the Bible School, the next two provinces north of us were unreachable. The one and only highway which connects the most southerly province of Maputo to the rest of the country was washed away by flood waters from cyclones (hurricanes). We wondered how the school would manage to have sufficient students without our students from Gaza and Inhambane provinces being able to come.

March 2012 Child Reintegration Program Update

The reintegration team worked hard in 2011, reuniting 67 children/youth with their families and building 17 houses, either to provide for community parents so that their children could stay with them in their homes, or to enable children to reunite with their families.

The team averages between 15 and 20 visits a week, mostly assessing new children for admission, but also making home visits of our current children to assess the home situation.

March 2012 Children's Feeding Program in Northern Mozambique Update

Children’s nutrition remains one of the highest priorities in our Mieze and Noviane work, as detailed in our previous reports. The recent addition of the IMC “Stop for the One” sponsorship program for resident and village children is a further expression of that commitment, as sponsors’ support helps ensure that sponsored children are receiving adequate care—and especially that their basic nutritional needs are being met.