IMC Project Updates

March 2015 Northern Mozambique Orphan-Village Projects Update

We don’t like to focus on problems and needs in these reports. We much prefer to celebrate God’s provision and victories. However, we can’t deny reality either; and we need to be able to share with those who care, pray, and support our ministries and projects.

The past year has seen the loonie lose 20% of its value against the US dollar.  Since all our funds for projects in Mozambique must be transferred first to USD and then to Mozambican currency, support originating in Canadian funds is now significantly diminished before it reaches us.

March 2015 Children's Feeding Program in Northern Mozambique Update

Through funds contributed by IMC, we are currently feeding between 4,500-5,000 needy Mozambican children daily!

This is a huge commitment and is making a significant contribution to the war against poverty in our region of northern Mozambique. It is truly saving lives; and it’s helping poor village children attend school and eventually break free from the vicious cycle of poverty and suffering that has characterized village life for generations.

September 2014 Northern Mozambique Orphan-Village Projects Update

The past four months have brought unexpected new restrictions on the issuance and renewal of visas and resident documents for Iris missionaries, especially in Northern Mozambique. Several of our newer missionary families, who were serving on “visitor visas” which were being routinely renewed locally, suddenly found the door closed both to renewal of documents and issuance of new ones. Many international visitors to the Iris Base in Pemba were turned back at the airport…with the result that Iris closed the Visitor Centre at the base until further notice.

September 2014 Children's Feeding Program in Northern Mozambique Update

One of our great joys is watching hungry village children receive and enjoy a nutritious meal. The children we care for in our Noviane and Mieze Centres eat 2-3 meals every day and have confidence in  God’s continuing provision for them. Village kids are generally not as well or securely provided for…and for them, each meal is a special gift from heaven. But all have experienced great deprivation and uncertainty in their young lives, and that memory makes them grateful for all the Lord’s provision.

September 2014 Community Infant Milk and Food Supplement Program Update

Angelo, Antonio, and Abel, a set of triplets, began with our milk program at 6 weeks of age. Their weights were all well below the WHO -3Z score for their ages.

Over the last six weeks, as they have consistently received the milk supplements, all 3 of them have gained a little more than one and a half kilograms each.

photo 2_0.JPG

[The blossoming trio.]

They are so beautiful!!  Thanks to IMC for your support with this program.


September 2014 Zimpeto Widows' Home Project Update

Vovo Salimina has a new helped named Flora, who lives very close by.  Flora comes to work with her young children, and Vovo enjoys their company. With IMC’s extra funding, we were able to put a back door in her house, which gives Vovo easier access to her outside bathroom.  Vovo is pleased that she does not have far to go now, as walking is painful and difficult for her. We also gave her a solar lamp – a real blessing, as she was using an oil lamp that was difficult for her to light. We had been talking with a friend about buying a solar lamp, but did not know where to get one from.