Community Infant Milk and Food Supplement Program

May 2013 Community Infant Milk and Food Supplement Program Update

The program continues much the same as in our previous updates. We thought the best encouragement would be to share just one of many recent stories of lives being transformed. 

Baby Flórida was born June 1, 2012. At 8 months of age, after her mother died, an Aunt brought this little one to our milk program. When we first met and weighed Florida she was 8.1 lbs. and was completely malnourished. Now, only two months later, she is weighing in at 10.4 lbs.. Because of our help, this child will survive. This gives us such great hope.  Thank you from Mozambique to Canada!

February 2011 Community Infant Milk and Food Supplement Program Update

“While we all agree that breast milk is the best option for babies, there are numerous situations where mothers are unable to feed their own babies. These are the ones that the formula milk replacement program targets. The aim of the program is (wherever possible) for the babies to remain with their mother or another family member. In cases where the mother has died, the family often needs the support because they cannot afford the cost of formula. In cases of sickness, malnutrition or simply insufficient milk, our team assesses mothers for their eligibility to receive milk powder.

December 2008 Community Infant Milk and Food Supplement Program Update

All children and mothers are evaluated and prioritized prior to beginning the  milk program. Children with mothers who are HIV positive who can't breastfeed, babies who are born with HIV and their mothers are unable to breastfeed them, and babies who are suffering from malnutrition are the priorities.

This past year, with great sadness we lost 4 babies to malnutrition, some of whom were victims of the HIV virus. We continue to fight against the difficulties of poverty and HIV that this nation confronts.