Northern Mozambique Orphan-Village Projects

October 2018 Northern Mozambique Orphan-Village Projects Update

We probably should be changing the title of this project from "orphan-village." In the first place, only about half our resident children in Mieze and Noviane are true orphans. The rest have at least one living parent--usually a mother--but she is either unable or unwilling to care for her children. And many of the village children we are supporting through our sponsorship program have one or both parents alive with whom they are living.

April 2018 Northern Mozambique Orphan-Village Projects Update

Our project is currently supporting, in whole or in large part, well over 70 young people who are attending secondary school or pursuing vocational training. This is an amazing statistic, given that preceding generations of these children's families would never have attended secondary school or, in most cases, even completed primary school.

These young people are all committed Christians and are intentionally pursuing the Lord's plan for their individual lives. Many are also quite bold in sharing their own faith with family members and friends.

October 2017 Northern Mozambique Orphan-Village Projects Update

We have 80 resident children in our Mieze and Noviane Centres. That's a statistic; but to us they are 80 precious lives...each with his or her individual story.

Sorte Saide is a 16-year-old boy who has lived in our Noviane Centre for over four years. Before that, he lived with a nearby aunt and her alcoholic husband. The husband didn't want to spend any money on Sorte, so he was abused and had no food or clothes. We were already helping Sorte financially; and when we were finally asked to take him into our centre, we did so readily.

October 2016 Northern Mozambique Orphan-Village Projects Update

Our 80 resident children at the Mieze and Noviane Children’s Centres all come from the most hopeless and impoverished circumstances imaginable. Many are total orphans; the rest have only one living parent, usually a very poor mother unable (or unwilling) to care for her children. Many never had an opportunity to attend school before coming to our centres.

June 2016 Northern Mozambique Orphan-Village Projects Update

Our 80 resident children at the Mieze and Noviane Children’s Centres enjoy welcoming visitors…and especially when they are visitors who’ve come before and built relationships with many of the same kids over several years.

Many of our older Noviane resident kids are now on Facebook and have access to other social media. This has enabled them to maintain communication with sponsors and adult friends from churches on the other side of the world. How different this all is from where we began with these same kids only 6-8 years ago!

September 2015 Northern Mozambique Orphan-Village Projects Update

June 1 is observed as Children’s Day in Mozambique. It’s a special day of celebration throughout the country and especially for us at Iris Ministries. The provincial government kicked off this year’s celebration early with a regional rally at our church building in Mieze. The official slogan and message to youth this year emphasized the importance of marriage as a formal commitment…but also emphasized the importance of waiting until at least 18 years of age to help counter the high prevalence of early teen pregnancies.

March 2015 Northern Mozambique Orphan-Village Projects Update

We don’t like to focus on problems and needs in these reports. We much prefer to celebrate God’s provision and victories. However, we can’t deny reality either; and we need to be able to share with those who care, pray, and support our ministries and projects.

The past year has seen the loonie lose 20% of its value against the US dollar.  Since all our funds for projects in Mozambique must be transferred first to USD and then to Mozambican currency, support originating in Canadian funds is now significantly diminished before it reaches us.

September 2014 Northern Mozambique Orphan-Village Projects Update

The past four months have brought unexpected new restrictions on the issuance and renewal of visas and resident documents for Iris missionaries, especially in Northern Mozambique. Several of our newer missionary families, who were serving on “visitor visas” which were being routinely renewed locally, suddenly found the door closed both to renewal of documents and issuance of new ones. Many international visitors to the Iris Base in Pemba were turned back at the airport…with the result that Iris closed the Visitor Centre at the base until further notice.

April 2014 Northern Mozambique Orphan-Village Projects Update

1.    In response to protracted rains and severe flooding in March, many caring friends of Iris have been contributing to our effort to assist poor villagers who’ve lost their homes and belongings. Through our churches in Pemba and Mieze, efforts are underway to repair or replace lost dwellings and to comfort and provide for those who have suffered most.  Many, many whole families have come to the Lord as their hearts have been touched by the compassion of Jesus demonstrated through his people, both here and abroad!