Southern Malawi Ministry Centre

April 2014 Southern Malawi Ministry Centre Update

Along with the new 2014 year came the beginning of many activities at Iris Malawi. The Bible school hosted a month long program only for women, followed by a fourth year pastor student class who returned to finish their leadership training. Iris secondary school youth headed back to their respective boarding schools in Blantyre and the children on base continued their year of learning at the Iris Primary School. The production fields on base were planted and then with the sufficient rains, yielded a healthy harvest of cow peas.

April 2013 Southern Malawi Ministry Centre Update

Our youngest child is 6 months and our oldest 18. In between we hit every age and every stage. We have temper tantrums and we have changing hormones. We have those who are learning to walk, and those who are learning to fly. Our newest girls are settling in so well with their house mother, Ruth. A few weeks ago all 72 kids were out in the field harvesting beans. It was wonderful to watch them working together, laughing and chatting as they worked.  

September 2012 Southern Malawi Ministry Centre Update

As I write, 10 girls are busy building houses in our back yard. I am in awe of their creativity and their communication. When survival is in question, there is no time for such pursuits. What joy to hear them create stories and relate to one another! Of course the boys are on hand to attack and destroy, but even that is part of the story. With 66 children life is never dull. Our three youngest have just past the one year mark, and provide endless opportunities to learn about love. I simply love watching our oldest children caring for the littlest ones.

September 2011 Southern Malawi Ministry Centre Update

"Everything is overshadowed by the death of one of our missionaries here at Iris. One of our missionaries, Daryl Martin, got too close to some elephants and paid with his life. Still, something amazing happened in the midst of elephants charging, autopsy, wake, service of memory, and burial. All 75 of our Iris children who live on site in 5 homes have lost both parents. They have suffered loss compounded by rejection and abandonment. The children suffered another loss, and yet this time they are older and able to process. There was great wailing and crying.

January 2011 Southern Malawi Ministry Centre Update

"I would say that we are in a season of shifting gears, or perhaps more specifically ‘the teenage years.’  Funnily enough, God has given us a prophetic picture in our own Iris children, who are blossoming all around us into young men and women. They need a lot of tending and encouragement. They need continual prayer, for purity, and for a hunger for the things of God. They need stimulation. At times, they need to be pushed to do something that is hard. They need forgiveness, both given and received. They need dialogue, and, most of all, they need love.

April 2010 Southern Malawi Ministry Centre

"The clear blue skies with intense sunshine return once again over Bangula as the rainy season draws to a close. The rains have not been much to brag about this year, at least here in the southern district of Malawi. In fact, the lack of rain has caused great concern among thousands of families who have had their crops destroyed by the drought during December and January. Some fortunate enough to have found more seed, have persisted, planting again, yet have very little to show.

December 2009 Southern Malawi Ministry Centre

“Our Iris Malawi base is growing and changing. The walls are going up on four new children’s homes. This will mean big changes for everyone, including our new children and house parents.  We will double our number in terms of beds, food, uniforms, schooling, clothes…everything!  Other new buildings include a home for Timothy Makwalo, our Bible school director, and a home for Daryl and Rebecca Martin, who have come to host our visitors. Our Visitor Centre is up and running, with beds for 16, a kitchen, showers, and a lovely rondavel outside where there always seems to be a lovely breeze.

June 2009 Southern Malawi Ministry Centre

Hello from Malawi! Here in Bangula, right in the southern tip of Malawi, we are so privileged to be part of what God is doing. We recently graduated 50 pastors at the Bible school, and sent them out from one end of the country to the other. We pray for lasting fruit in their families, churches, and villages. We have four children’s homes on site, with 12 children in each home along with their Malawian house parents. The kids are growing in all ways. It is great to see them grow physically after some months of good food. At school, they are growing in their capacity to learn.