Birthing the Miraculous by Heidi Baker (Charisma House, 2014)

God has promised us miracles.  Are you wiling to do what it takes to see them through?

We all desire the favor of God on our lives.  We eagerly pray and hope for His miracles, promises, and blessings.  But carrying the promises of God often means being stretched, being inconvenienced, and being patient to nourish those promises until it is God’s time for them to be born.

In Birthing the Miraculous Heidi Baker weaves true stories from her life and ministry – including personal visitations and life-changing visions – together with the biblical story of Mary’s pregnancy with Jesus to show you how to become a catalyst for God’s glory here on earth.

Sometimes God’s promises seem bizarre, implausible, and even crazy.  But no matter how impossible His promises seem, we can respond as Mary did, with a yielded cry of “Yes!”  It is time to go into every realm of society, carrying your promise, believing for the impossible, and watching God to do the miraculous through you.

Learning to Love book cover

Learning to Love by Heidi & Rolland Baker (River Publishing, UK 2012)

Continuing where their previous book, The Hungry Always Get Fed, left off, this narrative encompasses five years in the life of IRIS ministries – a rollercoaster of highs and lows, amazing miracles and overwhelming needs. Woven into the story is teaching from Heidi Baker that communicates the distilled wisdom of all the Bakers learned about the heart of the Gospel in 30 years of mission and church planting. More than any of their other books, this book communicates the heart of what Rolland and Heidi have learned from the Holy Spirit and then applied. They share their core values - simple, controversial and non-optional – tested and adopted over time, which must apply to any missions context if it is to be successful. Read and be inspired.

Compelled by Love by Heidi Baker with Shara Pradhan (Charisma House, Strang Communications 2008)

What does it look like to trust everything to God?

In Compelled by Love, Heidi Baker gives you a glimpse of total dependence and authentic Christian community by taking a fresh look at the Beatitudes.

In the war-torn, poverty-stricken country of Mozambique, she and her husband have experienced God's miraculous provisions and witnessed the transformed hearts of people caught in desperate life-or-death situations. Join them and discover the reality of God's kingdom here on Earth.

  • For anyone wondering if they could truly live a life of radical love...
  • For anyone wondering if the Beatitudes mean anything...
  • For anyone wondering how to follow Jesus all the way...

"If God is not with us, we do not want to continue. If the Sermon on the Mount is simply impractical, our mission work is hopeless. We have no backup plan. We have nothing but Him."

The Hungry Always Get Fed by Heidi & Rolland Baker (New Wine Press 2007)

The Hungry Always Get Fed is primarily about spiritual hunger--about connecting with a desire for the presence of God that overwhelms all our other needs. It includes "Life Principles" sections with teaching from Heidi Baker that gives the reader practical tools they can use to make their own life count for Christ. Rather than feeling overwhelmed by the vast needs of the world's most marginalized people, readers will be left challenged and inspired that God's provision for their life will always be more than enough. Taking an innovative approach to presenting its narrative, this book takes the form of an interactive blog and so chronicles a year in the life of the Baker's ministry and includes input from members of their wider team as well as Heidi & Rolland's personal insights. *** Please Note: The newest book release published by Chosen Books is titled Expecting Miracles. This is the same book as The Hungry Always Get Fed. The only differences between the two are the title, the cover and the publisher.

There Is Always Enough by Rolland & Heidi Baker (Sovereign World 2003)

There is Always Enough tells the story of Rolland & Heidi Baker's ministry in Mozambique and southern Africa. In one of Africa's most disaster-torn nations, the Bakers began their work caring for several hundred abandoned and orphaned children. They are now at the centre of a major move of God's Spirit. The last four years have seen them plant and take responsibility for over 6,000 churches as thousands of Africans have given their lives to Christ in an unprecedented revival. During this time they have also witnessed numerous acts of God's power. Miracles of provision, healing, deliverance, and even raising the dead have followed. This is their amazing story.

Visions Beyond the Veil by H.A. Baker (Rolland's grandfather)

Originally published many years ago, this outstanding book, now revised, is still fresh and challenging. It tells the story of a group of children - mostly street beggars or orphans - living in the Adullam Rescue Mission in Yunan Province, China, under the care of missionaries H.A. Baker and his wife.

These children experienced an immense and incredible outpouring of the Holy Spirit - so great that they literally 'touched Heaven' through visions, were aware of the presence of angels, and were able to describe in great detail what they saw. The result of these intense revelations of God was a fervent passion for worship, the Word of God and prayer.

This thought-provoking and faith-lifting book will challenge you to a deeper and more intimate walk with God.