September 2015 Bob & Betty Blanchette Update

Bob and Betty are back in Mozambique for another few months, which is great news for the carpentry and sewing programs.

Carpentry Program:

The carpentry shop is open each day, sometimes only mornings and sometimes all day, depending on the workload.

Currently 4 boys are working and another 5-6 are on the 'waiting list' as our workload is too little for all of them.

All equipment/machines that were financed by IMC a year ago (generator, table saw etc.) are still working smoothly. It is a huge advantage to have good quality machines and equipment.

bob 1_0.jpg

[Bob and his students.]

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Sewing Program:

What a pleasure it's been to be back with the girls. Currently there are 26 girls, two with disabilities and 4 women from the community in the sewing program. The Mozambican teacher does an amazing job. She's got a real commitment to excellence and it shows in the quality of work that the girls produce. I am presently working with Lourdes and the girls to show them some newer techniques and ideas. It's good to see how far the girls have come and I'm grateful for having had a part in this practical ministry.

the morning period on Fridays 4 ladies from the community.


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