September 2015 Children's Feeding Program in Northern Mozambique Update

In our April, 2014 report we wrote about the two children’s food programs being sponsored by Joyce Meyer Ministries through Iris Ministries Canada. One provides a nutritious daily snack to over 4,000 children in the Iris school on the Pemba Base. The other provides a hot meal of beans and rice to children attending the daily village discipleship program.

The discipleship program has been running for several years on the Pemba Base. Hundreds of poor village children have come to the Lord through this tangible expression of the Father’s love for “the least of these.” But until recently, the program hasn’t had a permanent home or dedicated facilities, and it has been moved several times as other programs have expanded and taken over whatever space it was utilizing. A few years ago, a simple building was built for the discipleship program’s use; but it was poorly constructed and deteriorated to the point where the roof was in danger of collapse. The volunteer staff also became less attentive to the program and the number of children in attendance began dwindling as a result. This was sad to see because the program had been such a blessing to so many over the years.

Late last year, however, funds became available through JMM and an individual donor to address this problem once and for all. Don oversaw the development of plans for a new building and renovations to the older building to create a complex that would accommodate both the daily discipleship program and the new Sunday school program. The work was completed in time for Children’s Day (June 1) and the attractive new facilities have been in use six days a week since then. Both the staff and the children have responded enthusiastically and daily numbers are now averaging over 600 children attending and receiving both spiritual and physical nurture.

don north moz.jpg

[Children crowd into the newly constructed children’s discipleship program building to learn about the Lord and receive a hot meal.]