September 2015 Jason Dueck Update

Much has happened in the last six months! We held our first missions school from March until the end of May this past spring, and this was the first Harvest School of Missions held in Fortaleza, Brazil. We had students from various parts of Brazil, the United States, England, Germany and Australia. We were so blessed to have 25 students who were hungry for Jesus! There were many wonderful times of worship where we experienced the presence of God in such a powerful way. The Holy Spirit impacted many of the students in a powerful way in regards to missions, and some of the students decided to stay on after the school for the three-month internship.

My role during the school involved teaching classes, leading outreaches to the interiors and leading a small group of guys with the focus of discipleship. For me, one of the highlights came on the ten-day outreach that I helped lead. Our focus was evangelism as well as discipleship, with the hope of finding places where we could possibly plant a church in the future. We took a group of 3 students along with three leaders to a town called Marco (where we had previously been a few times). The town of Marco is full of syncretistic Catholicism and there were many spiritual battles that we fought in prayer. We stayed with a family who we had met on a previous visit to the city. This family told us about a small village that was a few hours’ drive from Marco where there was no church. We decided to take a day to go to this village and share the love of Christ with the people there. Even though the majority of the population in Brazil have heard about Jesus, we encountered people in this village who had never heard the gospel. As I shared the gospel with one young man, I was reminded of my time last year in Nepal where many people have little to no knowledge of the gospel. This young man had never heard about why Jesus came to the earth, and his heart was so open. The Holy Spirit opened his heart and he gave his life to Christ! Going forward, we are hoping to continue ministering in the interiors with the goal of planting churches.

I was also involved in ministry in the favela (slum) with drug dealers. I believe that if we can see some of these dealers who are leaders in the community give their lives to the Lord, we can see transformation in this favela. These young men are open and they are hungry to hear the word of God as we meet with them every week.

Another event in my life that is very exciting is that I started dating at the end of May! My girlfriend’s name is Islânia and she is also a full-time missionary with Iris. She is from Fortaleza.


I went back to Canada shortly after the school because the visa that I currently have only allows me to stay in Brazil for six months. After I arrived back in Canada, I started getting all the documents together that I would need to apply for a more permanent visa. I sent all the documents to the consulate in Toronto at the beginning of August and right now I am waiting and praying that I will get this visa quickly! I am very blessed that I have work doing carpentry while I am here in Canada. I am planning on continuing to work while I am here and I am hoping to return to Brazil in early October.

When I return to Brazil, I hope to continue ministering in interior regions outside of Fortaleza, as well as continuing ministry in the favela (or slum) where we are working).