September 2015 Jen Jewett Update

The majority of the past 6 months have been spent in the routine of working with our kids at our day center. We've been enjoying finding the rhythm of having the kids come each day, working out all the knots, and figuring out how to make things run as smoothly as possible. For me, going to the center is the highlight of my week. I love helping the kids brush their teeth, watching them as they progress learning how to read and write their alphabet and the look of confidence on their face when they know they've got it.

It's been great for me as my language has improved; I have been able to help the kids in the classroom who need special attention so our Khmer teacher doesn't have to stop teaching the whole class to focus on one or two children. Language is such a powerful tool, and I love being able to help in my own small way.

One of the highlights lately was being able to take all the kids from our center to Kids City - an indoor play place for kids in Phnom Penh. When we take the kids on outings we usually take them to a nearby playground because it's free, but this time we had a visitor come and pay for the tickets for all the kids so we were able to bring them to this incredible indoor, air conditioned play area. I can't even describe how ecstatic the kids were as they ran in. They've never been to a place like that in their lives, and they were beside themselves with excitement. They played for hours, and then we had a packed lunch for them to eat before we drove them back to their slums.


This life here is such a privilege, and I am so blessed by these sweet kids every single day.