September 2015 Northern Mozambique Orphan-Village Projects Update

June 1 is observed as Children’s Day in Mozambique. It’s a special day of celebration throughout the country and especially for us at Iris Ministries. The provincial government kicked off this year’s celebration early with a regional rally at our church building in Mieze. The official slogan and message to youth this year emphasized the importance of marriage as a formal commitment…but also emphasized the importance of waiting until at least 18 years of age to help counter the high prevalence of early teen pregnancies.

Iris continued its tradition of offering a full chicken meal to children from the villages surrounding the Pemba Base. At least 4,000 children were ministered to, entertained, and fed throughout the day. All Iris children—including our resident children from Mieze and Noviane and our sponsored village children, as well—received gifts for Children’s Day. Our 125 kids all received treats, some money to shop for clothing for themselves, and a new school book bag. After their chicken feast, these kids—along with at least 250 other Mieze village children we transported to Pemba for the day—then walked down to the beautiful white sand beach at the foot of the Pemba Base and enjoyed a swim in the balmy waters of the Indian Ocean.

north moz_0.jpg

[11-year-old Liana, one of our Noviane resident children, shows off her new school book bag received for Children's day.]

received for Children’s day.