September 2015 Sue Silva Update

God is faithful! My God is glorious! My God is so trustworthy! Great is HIs Name in all the earth!

I recently returned to Sierra Leone, after an extended time in Canada, and I cannot stop praising the Lord for this miracle He has done for me. The month prior to my return was such a struggle, and at times I almost gave up pushing through the various challenges that were blocking my breakthrough in returning to Sierra Leone.  Ebola that was in this nation really messed me up in every direction. In my spirit, I kept hearing, "Push through. Push through". So I pushed and pushed and pushed! Someone told me that if the challenges are great, so will be your victory!

I can't wait for this chapter to unfold, as God is taking me higher to reign with Him in victory!

I have been reconnecting with friends this week. During the rainy season, ministry has the opportunity to prepare itself for the next season. As a result, there are nightly church meeting and teaching times, prayer and fasting times. We have weekly all night prayer times, and will then move into another week of prayer and fasting.

I met with a lady from the church (Anita) this morning and we had a delightful and blessed prayer time together, as we prayed scripture. This was new to her and she was so touched.

On Sunday I will return to Sussex church, a new church plant that was established before I left (in which I had pastored). It will be awesome to see it now and how the Lord is blessing it!

After the rains, we will be heading into village ministry more. We anticipate a great move of God to take place. I am excited in this season of heightened explosion for His Kingdom purposes!

While I was in Canada, I had a number of family weddings, one of which was my daughter Nikki's. Attached is a picture of her and I. It was so special to be in Canada at that time. Thank you Jesus that it was possible!


Blessings and love to all,

Sue Silva