September 2015 Zimpeto Bible School Update

A testimony of the grace of God:

The challenging task of taking over the leadership of the bible school after Pastor Eduardo went to be with the Lord was at hand. It was not an easy task, but God kept encouraging us and blessing all of us as a team.

We were able to manage the little resources we had in order to satisfy the needs; it was challenging due to a lack of teachers. Some of us had to stretch to fill in the gaps, and all teachers were supportive.

We had the opportunity to meet with Pastors and leaders from the southern part of Mozambique while they were at Zimpeto for a conference. They were very supportive of the bible school, observing the great help the school is providing in training their youth to both share the Gospel message and take care of the poor in their villages.

One important point that was raised is that the Pastors/leaders were hoping that the staff of the bible school would visit them in their local churches, both to generally encourage, and to organize teaching seminars for women and children, for whom coming to the bible school for 3 months at a time is not manageable. In response, we felt to take one area of concern and go on an outreach to various villages at the end of every bible school term.

We went to Mabalane through Chokwe and Tsocate areas, and even reached as far as the Combomune area in an outreach to visit with Pastors and former bible school students. We had crusades at night-time and held teaching seminars during the day. We saw many people delivered and healed, and many came to the Lord. It was amazing to see God guide us through the outreach week.

On the final day, our group of 20 (men and women from many different backgrounds and ages) was split into smaller groups to go and preach in the locals churches of Mabalane. The team included bible school teachers, experienced pastors from the Zimpeto base, a preacher and a student who had recently graduated. As we shared our testimonies, the people were deeply impacted.

The result of the outreach is that we are now receiving greater numbers of students. At the end of last year we averaged between 30 and 35 students, and this year we are averaging closer to 50.

With the increased number of students comes the challenge of accommodating women students who come from a distance. One way we have found to meet this housing need is to have the women live with our widows in the community widows' home. As the demand is growing, we will continue to find new ways to meet the need.

These are our challenges, and also our victories!  Many are being touched, and transformed by the love of God.

Thank you very much for your support; your prayers are highly appreciated.

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[Pictures from our most recent bible school graduation ceremony.]