September 2015 Zimpeto Child Reintegration Program Update

The Team
After a total revamp in reintegration the complete new team is taking over the area with positive success.
In an attempt to pass responsibility over the national the leader of the team Juliana is learning new writing and computer skills. It is a slow process however she is keen to learn and dedicated. She has good decision making skills concerning the needs of children both entering the centre and being reunited with their families.

The 10 year old car, that was bought by IMC in 2005 and is crucial to the process of reintegration has been needing to be replaced for a number of years. We are excited to have managed to raise some  finances  to buy a newer second hand car. This newer car will ensure the ongoing efficient working of the reintegration team as they work to reunite families.

We continue to build houses although due to a down turn in finances the number we have built over the last 12 months is less than the previous 12 months. Oftentimes a small house costing $4,000us is all that stands between a child being reunited with their families. We have still built a number of houses, one story stands out in 2015.

Five years ago the mother of two children in our centre had to place her children with us due to absolute poverty, her own poor health status, and because her bamboo house had fallen down, which meant she had no where to live. Her youngest child was also severely malnourished and unwell.

Over the last five years the mother's health status has improved enabling her to gain some economic independence in the way of a small business, the children's health status has improved they are now a normal weight. The oldest child, a son, was anxious to be reunited with his mother so he was reintegrated to a house of a family member while we constructed a new house. The youngest previously malnourished child, a girl has been recently been reintegrated to the newly constructed house.


[Fernanda, as a malnourished baby.]

picture fernando.jpg

[Fernanda, the same little girl, now healthy.]

Thank you to IMC who enabled this family who once lived in absolute poverty to be reunited.