September 2015 Zimpeto Community Infant Milk and Food Supplement Program Update

Infant Milk Supplement Story:

Six month old twins Olga and Delfina joined the Milk Program at one month of age, each weighing only 1.85 kg; a weight which is well below the -3Z score according to the WHO, (World Health Organization).

Now, pictured with their mum after collecting their milk, they have moved to a much healthier weight  range.


It is such a wonderful privilege to see the transformation of a malnourished baby's life, or in this case, two babies lives.


Food Supplement Story:

A mother was very sick. She had been sick for a long time before she came to us, asking for help. Her husband had died leaving her with 6 children. I took one look at her and put her on our Food Box Program.

I also arranged transport for her to get to the Hospital and another Missionary gave blood for her, as she needed a transfusion because of anaemia. Sadly she died shortly after coming out of Hospital.

Clementina (one of her children) came to me later, anxiously asking if they would still get the food box now that Mum had died. I assured her that they would. They are still living together in their home with an Auntie and the older siblings taking care of them.

commun food program.jpg

[Clementina with one of her sisters.]