September 2020 Northern Mozambique Orphan-Home Projects Update

Our orphan-home project has been supporting 140 children in northern Mozambique in whole or in part for the past several years.

The past six months have been like none other with the impact of COVID-19. Although the country has registered only a relatively small number of cases, the societal impact has been significant. All school classes were cancelled...and only resumed in the middle of August. And large gatherings were forbidden...with the result that several children from the Mieze and Noviane centres were temporarily housed elsewhere to reduce the numbers living in close proximity.

Mieze children _0.jpg

[ Mieze children.]

During this unsettled time, we moved several, mostly older, children and youth out of Iris' institutional care in the centres and into smaller family homes. The remaining resident children will come under Iris Global's oversight effective October 1. IG will continue with a program of reintegration to place the children from Mieze and Noviane into some kind of extended family situation, and to close the two licensed children's centres as soon as possible.

Happy Mieze kids_0.jpg

[Happy Mieze kids!]

Thank you to all the friends, supporters, and prayer partners who have helped care for all these precious children over the years. God bless you!