Sponsorship Does Help Change Lives


3 ½ years ago, E-- faithfully attended the weekly Saturday morning children’s program at Mieze. A plate of rice and beans is served to each child before they return home.
For the next year E-- only appeared sporadically and disappeared quickly.
1-½ years later, E-- was enrolled in our school access program. Registration documents and fees, school supplies, required uniforms and footwear, can add up to as much as $50.00 during a school year. In rural Mozambique poverty and unemployment make this an insurmountable challenge. 
[This was E--‘s first year in school!]
A supportive church community, school friends, medical help and loving, consistently caring relationships, began to bring tangible hope to E-- and her family.
[E-- and Elizabeth]
E--‘s mother came to our sponsored milk supplement clinic. She had previously lost several children to malnutrition and disease. Under the care of our Mieze medical staff E--'s youngest sibling is thriving! E-- started to smile!
E--is now part of our 'Stop for The One - Canada' sponsorship program. Love has begun to transform E--‘s life and sponsorship is bringing hope and future to her entire family. This picture of E-- was taken at the Saturday's children’s program, May 11 2013. 
What does love look like? Compare photos #1 and #6!

Sponsorship does help change lives. 


Written by: Elizabeth Kantel