'Stop For The One - Canada': Child Sponsorship Program - Northern Mozambique

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The love of Jesus compels us to stop for the one in front of us. Our heart is for every precious child to be loved and cared for in very practical ways. In response to those who have been asking about a direct sponsorship program, Iris Ministries Canada is pleased to offer a simple program that will change the lives of some of our recovered treasures in Northern Mozambique.

IMC offers two sponsorships for donors to choose from:

1.  A suggested monthly contribution of 50.00 per month will provide significant support for one of our resident Mieze Village children currently living in our ‘Mieze Village of Love.’ For more information on this centre, please refer to our ‘Northern Mozambique Orphan-Village Projects’ on our African Projects page.   

2.  A suggested monthly contribution of 35.00 per month will provide significant support for a village child, not living in our centre, but one that comes to our Mieze Village church. We currently have several hundred such children, all beautiful, precious, committed to Jesus, and very needy. Most live with only one parent in a tiny mud hut and most have many siblings. We work alongside our national leaders to identify the children that are the neediest and will most benefit from your assistance.

  • Please note that 94% of all funds donated to our sponsorship program will go directly to the children receiving sponsoships.
  • Your support will be applied to your sponsored child’s current needs, going towards providing food, clothing, and/or schooling in that order, according to need. The children we are targeting are generally of primary school age.
  • Please note that we are hoping to target children who seem capable of continuing their education at the post-secondary level, though a situation of exceptional need may override that consideration in some cases. This program is being administered in the field by IMC missionaries Don and Elizabeth Kantel.

Upon contacting us with your program preference, we will provide you with a picture and brief profile of your sponsored child(ren). In the interest of minimizing administrative management so that we might meet the needs of more children, we are not able to commit to sending pictures and letters on any regular basis. You will however receive periodic updates on the progress of your child(ren) and we will try to keep all sponsors informed of general developments through occasional newsletters and through the Mieze model website, www.harvestinafrica.com. Specific sponsorship questions can be addressed to Don Kantel via email (harvestinafrica@hotmail.com). He will try to respond informatively.

While we would like to be able to facilitate ongoing correspondence between sponsors and their children, this is presently not a practical possibility. Letters, photos and parcels sent by mail have a significantly reduced chance of actually arriving in Mozambique (DHL courier is reliable…but very expensive), with parcels automatically attracting high duty costs. And any correspondence via mail or internet would then involve the issue of translation. Moreover, much of life in the Western world is so incomprehensible to village kids in a backward nation like Mozambique as simply to lend to confusion, if, for example, your correspondence tried to describe your life and circumstances in Canada. And for children to write back to sponsors would involve both translation and transcription. For these reasons, we ask for your understanding of our present limitations. Our heart is that all funds received should go to the children and not be needed to cover administrative expenses.

For administrative reasons, we ask that you consider using our electronic funds transfer (EFT) method (PDF form) to support your child(ren), or send in post-dated cheques. The credit card withdrawal system that we offer for all other donations is not efficient for this program.

If interested in learning more and/or to begin a sponsorship, please contact the IMC office. 

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