Anonymous Missionary - Asia

Anonymous Missionary Bio:

Psalm 91:1-2

He that dwells in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.


To ensure the safety and well-being of our mission partners in restricted access nations, we are unable to share much of this missionary’s personal information. The political reality is that many nations in the world restrict access to the Gospel. In this context we are excited to introduce you to a Canadian citizen, of Asian descent, who we have been in relationship with for 5 years. She is a a gifted evangelist, leader and student of the word of God. She has great sensitivity, wisdom and boldness for Christ and is fully obedient to whatever she feels the Lord is asking her to do. She plans to move to Asia in April 2019. 

She writes: “In July 2018 while reading the book, Voice in Night, written by Surprise Sithole, the Lord spoke to me and called me to move from Canada to Asia to plant churches in a full-time missionary capacity. As I read the book the Lord gave me dreams, visions and words of knowledge – calling me to return to live in Asia and plant in the same way Surprise did, as shared in his book.

While situated in Canada my initial calling was to take God’s love and blessing to Asia by translating Iris teachings, and post them in social network online sites weekly. My desire was/is to have God bless these people, to raise support for needs in Africa, raising the visibility of Iris’s work around the world, and so the second large piece has been working with groups to ship 40 ft. containers from Asia to the two Iris bases in Mozambique and the Iris Malawi base, to supply for the needs of  those who live in extreme poverty. Items have included large quantities of clothing, customized school uniforms, school tables and chairs, sewing machines, wheelchairs etc.. With my oversight this will continue from Asia, as the Lord provides the funding from Canada.

The teams that have worked with me to date have been made up of people from different churches and areas in both Asia and Canada. These teams have ministered to over 600 people online as we hold weekly healing prayer meetings and share translated Iris teachings. We have seen many people healed from sicknesses and families restored. Praise God!

In and through this ministry we have been training many key leaders across many regions already. As I move to Asia, this is the foundation for future plantings throughout many territories.

The Lord walks in Asia and I trust God to lead and guide me to different places in order to bring the gospel and plant multiplying fellowships of believers, particularly in places where a non-missionary identity and pioneer approaches are required.

I will focus on training the churches in the areas where we are already working. I will then take locally trained people and go to un-reached people areas and work with them to plant more church fellowships. Once we have fully-trained leaders, prepared to carry on leading and stewarding the churches that we plant together, as the Lord leads, I will move on to the next location. Additionally, we will be putting a lot of emphasis on searching out and helping the poorest of the poor and bringing relief as able. 

God has directed and guided all I have being doing in these past four years as I have worked from Canada, making frequent trips to Asia. Everything comes out from intimacy with God. His presence will go with me wherever I go”.