April 2017 David & Joanna Morrison Family Update

Life in the Morrison household is still full of children, though two out of three Morrison children have flown the coop. Children come to our house to play Scrabble or Dutch Blitz, to read or borrow books from our library, to play with Play People or Lego, and to find encouragement. Some come with a cut that needs a bandage, a torn pair of shorts that needs mending, or a story that needs to be told. We enjoy their company, and count it a privilege to be a part of their various stories. This week one of the girls used the scrabble letters to write Mo a note: 'I love you more than a cup of coffee,' she wrote. Now that is love!  As I write this,  someone is diligently practicing ‘Joy to the World’ on the recorder, while four boys are finding new books to read. I love the sounds that reach our house (for the most part)!  

[Joanna entertaining kids in conversations.]

[Eight kids playing Bao with Papa Lameck. Bao is the traditional Malawian game.]

Shortly, we will have a new baby on the south side of our house. I love what happens when you add a baby to a house full of raucous boys. We have been watching the same scene on the north side over these last few months. A baby softens the hearts of everyone in the house. Big boys need the reminder that they were once small and helpless. When I need someone to come and hold a baby, they all come running, young and old, boy and girl. I can’t wait to see what is going to unfold in the Posiano household over the next few weeks.

[Lameck holding young child.]

A long term supporter and friend died this month, and I have been reminded once again of how many people have sown into this mission over the years. Every visitor, every dollar sent, every teacher, every container packed, every prayer offered, plays a part in the unfolding of the Kingdom right here. We are privileged to have front row seats as we watch smiles take the place of frowns, and freedom take the place of bondage. God is truly ‘near to the broken hearted’. Thank you for participating with us.

[Iris girl practicing the spelling of her name.]