August 17, 2017 - Sierra Leone Update

Sue Silva (IMC missionary) has been able to briefly speak with the leadership twice now. The death toll has climbed to over 1000. The reports are graphic and horrid. There are several areas in Freetown that were hit very hard, but the Regent area is the worst. Iris people and pastors are all okay, and have gone to the area to help where they can.

The water supply is affected and people must buy bottled water to drink, but most cannot even afford food. Many are still buried in the mud, so it will take weeks/months to get through all the mud, or maybe never. Bodies and pieces are beginning to wash up on shore. Some communities are totally gone and other families have lost everyone but themselves; how devastating and alienating. 

Iris Global has sent funds funds for immediate needs, and later this week a team of 2 will arrive to assess a longer-term relief and restoration strategy. A second team is being sent to arrive on the weekend.  All are trained in inner-healing. Our hope is that Iris can fund the physical needs (food, water, housing, mosquito nets, etc.) and care for the traumatized hearts to bring lasting healling.

Please continue to pray that more people would be found alive and for God to pour down his comfort and wrap this country in his arms of peace. They have been through too much tragedy the last years.






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