Cyclone Idai Relief - March 19, 2019

Thank you for your prayers and concern in the wake of widespread flooding in the region. Initial trips into the surrounding villages were quite hopeful. A dike that was built during dry season saved an entire village from devastation. People who were moved to higher ground after the floods in 2015 were not in danger this time. People seem to be working hard to salvage whatever they can where homes and fields have been damaged. The biggest loss is in the fields where entire crops were destroyed. This is so disappointing as Malawi was expecting the best harvest in many years until this storm came through. Many people will move into camps in order to receive food. Our desire is to assist those who are working to remain independent. We will send out a second report once we have further assessed the needs and prayed and settled on a plan of action.


We have already given away a container of 'Manna pack' rice meals (172,000 meals) which was designated for our feeding program to those who have been displaced by the flooding. This coming week we will be assisting Médecins Sans Frontiers as they shuttle food and medical supplies to 17,000 people stranded in Makhanga - roads are flooded and damaged. They are also mandated to clean contaminated wells and resolve the drinking water crisis. We will work alongside MSF, providing storage of supplies and boats. Please pray for safety in this process.

Today we were able to procure 20 tons of food for distribution from our Blantyre friends. This is an amazing blessing! In cooperation with the district government, we are identifying the most suitable camp near us here to distribute this.

Thank you for partnering with us in this time of great need. 

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