Anonymous Missionary - Asia

October 2023 Anonymous Missionary - Asia Update

As we are in the calendar year's harvest season, I believe we are also in a spiritual season of a fruitful harvest.

I have travelled between our different provinces and cities since my last update to support and encourage ministry leaders. We have trained church teams on how to be filled with the Holy Spirit, experience the deep love of their heavenly Father, and taught a deeper understanding of the truth of the kingdom.

October 2022 Anonymous Missionary - Asia Update

The persecution of believers has become much more extreme this past year. Churches are struggling under the tyranny. Yet we know that Jesus is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

So we do not stop the work that we are doing, which includes preparing and sending containers that are greatly needed to Mozambique and Malawi. In the natural, the costs of sending containers have increased severely since 2020.

April 2022 Anonymous Missionary Update

While this past season was challenging and often very difficult, in each situation that we encountered, God gave us the faith to minister what was needed at the moment. The greater the difficulties, the greater the need to trust and go deeper into the heart of Jesus. We rejoice in knowing that Jesus is here with us; He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

April 2020 Anonymous Missionary - Asia Update

Before I began overseas missions, I didn’t fully comprehend what it meant to be completely dependent on God and his miracle-working power every single day. In the face of continual difficulties, I have realized afresh how much Jesus means to me. My life is in Him alone; He is my everything. When I am weak, He is strong in me. When I run out, He is my supply. Without Jesus, I can do nothing here. He holds my hands, strengthens my feet, and step by step I move ahead.

October 2019 Anonymous Missionary - Asia Update

Again, because of the very sensitive nature of what our missionary in Asia is doing, we must limit what we share publically. We are delighted to say that the name and works of the Lord are being spread and the kingdom is being advanced in Asia!

Our missionary writes:

People are desperate for more, and when they come to us so very many accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour right away.