Zimpeto Community Infant Milk and Food Supplement Program - Maputo, Mozambique

All Iris babies naturally receive all that is needed in order for them to thrive. In an effort to keep as many infants with their mothers as possible, Iris Ministries has constructed a program that provides food and milk for mothers and their babies in the surrounding community. This is one very practical way of keeping these families together. At present Iris is providing for 61 mothers and their babies. Each mother and child visits the centre twice a month. The first visit is a consulation with the doctor, where the infants are weighed, examined and if necessary treated. At the second visit, milk and food are provided for the month. The mothers are divided into two groups with 30 coming every two weeks to receive their supplies. In addition to milk formula they receive porridge, fruit, oil and at times diapers and medicines. Gifts earmarked for this program will help IMC to support this project.

[Mothers and babies waiting their turn]

[Receiving milk formula for the month]