Zimpeto University Education Program

Iris Zimpeto operates a school on base that educates youth from kindergarten through grade 12. There are currently 710 primary students and 740 secondary students. The majority come from extremely poor backgrounds. Education is what affords hope and change for their future.

Many do not finish high school because of the many hardships they face. Others go on to learn skilled trades, the carpentry and sewing programs being examples of this. Many others have both the capability and desire to attend university.

In 2011, IMC, in partnership with Iris Zimpeto, created a University fund account. The fees would be out of reach for most otherwise. Our desire was/is to come alongside our youth and allow every possible opportunity for a brighter future that breaks the poverty cycle. There are 20 + students currently attending university.

For an average of 150.00 Usd per month, we can help 10 students attend university each year. While supporting their education fees, all students are required to work to cover their other costs. Some wash dishes, some are drivers, some do admin jobs, and some tutor others. We do not fund transport, materials, etc. We can educate more students by only covering monthly tuition costs. As funds are available, we try to buy students a laptop when they reach the second year of their studies, if they are doing well. Degree programs run between 4 and 5 years.

We are very proud of those who have either graduated or are close to finishing. The graduates include a doctor, some accountants, an economist, a computer engineer, a lawyer, to name a few. Helping others is usually a lengthy process – but oh so worth it.

Thank you for sowing into the lives of these young men and women who then go forward to support their families and communities.