June 2016 David & Joanna Morrison Family Update

Two out of 5 Morrisons have now taken up residence in Canada. This is so hard after 13 years of togetherness. Patrick and Daniel lived together this year in Burlington, and went opposite directions to school.  Patrick continued to study engineering at McMaster University and Daniel successfully completed his final year of high school at Kings' Christian Collegiate. We are so grateful for friends and family who welcome and feed and love on our boys when we are far away. Both boys will be at university this coming year, studying Mechanical Engineering.

Back in Malawi, our house was definitely quieter and our food bill lower. Kalina stayed faithful to her homeschooling program. We are thankful for visitors who could help her tie together the chemistry program for which her teacher was underqualified. Kalina continues to serve the community through wound care clinics, reading to one of the girls' homes, meeting once a month with children with cerebral palsy and their care givers, leading the girls' football team, and being a big sister to many. She topped the year off with 3 weeks at Pioneer Camp to prepare for re-entry into Canadian culture next year.


[Kalina assisting people in the community.]

[Kalina providing support for the children from the community with cerebral palsy.]

Joanna continues to adjust to less home schooling responsibility and less day to day responsibility around the base. It was a great joy to pass on the storage keys this year into hands that have shown they are capable and righteous. May God continue to supply all our needs as we steward faithfully. This years' goals include getting out into the villages more regularly and writing down some of the stories of God's faithfulness. Of course, our house is often full of kids and others from the community in need of help or encouragement.


[Joanna teaching the women at the Iris Bible School.]

David promoted Timothy Makwalo to Director of Operations and Ministries last October.  With less responsibility for the day to day running of the base, David too is adjusting to a new challenge of leading the base to a place of sustainability. He continues to train regularly on his bike though he does not have Patrick and Daniel pushing him on. The Dreamriders educational scholarship program had a successful first year and is expected to support 40 Dreamriders Scholars heading off to secondary school in September! These are young men and women who are selected to schools but have no way of paying the school fees and transportation costs required. Their excitement is contagious.


[One of the Dreamriders Scholars who has done extremely well this year.]