June 2016 Zimpeto Widows' Home Update

Vovo Salimina often reminisces about when she lived in Bilene, which is where she came from originally. Bilene is a beautiful coastal town about 2 hours drive from Maputo. Vovo lived there with her husband and children who have all died. She later moved to Maputo (which is how we met her), but she does miss Bilene.

Recently, with the loan of a friend’s car for some weeks, we had the idea to take Vovo for a day visit to Bilene. Dulcilia (Vovo’s caregiver) came with us, along with her 3 girls.

Vovo was beside herself with joy! When we arrived we found a restaurant overlooking the beach so she could enjoy the view (as we knew she would not be able to walk far). She told the waitress that she was from Bilene and talked about her family.

All the way back to Zimpeto Vovo sang songs of praise to God and repeatedly said “Who would have believed that Vovo Salimina would go back to Bilene?”

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