March 2015 Zimpeto Community Infant Milk and Food Supplement Program Update

Infant Milk Supplement Story: From Trash to Treasure

Meet 'Bemvinda Graca', translated as 'Welcome Grace', who was found abandoned by her Mama in a rubbish dump. Her Uncle followed the sounds of what he thought was a hungry kitten in the trash, and instead found his precious niece. Today Graca is lovingly cared for by the uncle and his wife, and Iris is pleased to provide them with powdered milk formula. As the photo shows, this little one is a treasure!


Food Box Supplement Story:

One day as Vella (who oversees the food box program) was walking home, a man came came out of a house and asked her to come and pray for his sister, Dulcilia, who was sick. When Vella entered the house, she saw a woman lying on the floor. The woman looked up at Vella with a smile of thanks, though she did not know her. The woman was very thin, her feet were covered with infected sores (obviously causing her great pain), and when she tried to get up, she could barely walk.

Vella spoke with her of Jesus and prayed for her. We arranged for Dulcilia to go to a clinic, where they began regular treatment for her feet. Vella immediately added her to the list of recipients of our food box program, so that this woman would have a better diet. At one point the medical opinion given was that Dulcilia might require a skin graft in order for her feet to heal. We praise God, that today her feet have completely healed and she sings the praises of Jesus to everyone she meets.

Because of the improved diet, Dulcilia's overall health is better and she is much stronger; so much so that she has even started working! This is a double blessing for us, as Dulcilia now takes care of one of the widows from our Widows Project who recently needed a new helper! She, Dulcilia, is full of joy and passes this on to Vovo Salimina as she takes care of her, singing praise songs and bringing much joy into the house.