Don & Elizabeth Kantel

April 2019 Don Kantel Update

There have been many recent changes in Mozambique which have impacted Iris in several significant ways. I (Don) recall a conversation I had several years ago with the man responsible for regulating Mozambique's 320 NGOs. He said it was his expectation that all NGOs would be redundant in five years' time as the country was becoming increasingly able to stand on its own feet economically.

October 2018 Don & Elizabeth Kantel Update

We arrived in Pemba in the remote north of Mozambique 13 years ago. It was a dishevelled, run-down remnant of a former Portuguese colonial some ways reminiscent of Maputo when we first went there with Iris in the late-90s. People were very poor; there were very few vehicles on what passed for roads; and most children were not attending school. The gospel was virtually unknown; and witch doctors and demon worship were rife.

April 2018 Don & Elizabeth Kantel Update

One of the shocking realities of life in Mozambique is death in Mozambique. The low level of health care and health awareness throughout the country is the major contributing factor to Mozambique's statistical life expectancy of only 45 years! It seems that every week we hear of another completely unexpected death; and all too frequently the latest victim is just far too young to die by any measure.

June 2016 Don & Elizabeth Kantel Update

Iris has changed dramatically over the 12 years Don and Elizabeth have served as missionaries in Mozambique…as has the country itself.

Today, Iris is facing the future as a diverse and well-organized missions organization…still under the inspiring leadership of its Founders, Heidi and Rolland Baker, but with a leadership structure that includes a generation of younger missionaries in their 20’s and 30’s. Don and Elizabeth are among a handful of “veterans” who see their role as helping the younger generation take their rightful place in leadership for the future.

March 2015 Don & Elizabeth Kantel Update

Adversity comes in many forms: natural, human, and spiritual. In the Western world, with its history of Christian influence in social and personal values, there is a degree of what’s sometimes called “common grace” that seems to protect societies and nations from wide-scale extremes of adversity. But Mozambique has no such history of Christian influence in culture and society. And that is profoundly evident as missionaries seek to establish a beachhead for the gospel for the first time in the nation’s history. Recurring natural calamities set back many attempts to move the country forward.

September 2014 Don & Elizabeth Kantel Update

Missionary service in a setting like northern Mozambique is usually a case of two steps forward, one step backward. And that’s on the good days! We have to keep reminding ourselves that the church is in its infancy here. There is no Christian history in this region and there are no Christian values embedded in the local tribal culture. So we shouldn’t realistically expect people who encounter Jesus for the first time to advance quickly on an unbroken path toward Christian maturity. Yes, the gospel has been widely and enthusiastically embraced.