Evan & Natasha Richmond

September 2015 Evan & Natasha Richmond Update

ONE YEAR IN AFRICA: Measured in Love

Evan and Natasha live and serve at the Zimpeto Children's Centre in Maputo, Mozambique, which provides a loving home and shelter for orphaned and abused children in desperate need of crisis intervention and emergency care. They are dorm parents over the "Quintal" (girls dorm).

Just over a year ago, we left our country and hometown on a journey that would do nothing short of change our lives forever.

September 2014 Evan & Natasha Richmond Update

Dear Friends and Family,
We’ve only just arrived in Mozambique and we already love it.  Shortly after arriving I found myself journaling, “…for the first time in about two years, I feel like I'm at home. After painful goodbyes in my hometown Ottawa, the joys of saying "hello" and hugs from the girls in my dorm fill any lingering sorrow. I smile at Evan, "we're here, we're finally here”.“